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After you successfully complete the entrance preparation course “Programming Basics” and the following “Fundamentals Module” there comes the question “Which professional pathway I should choose?”. But before that let’s talk about the “Fundamentals Module”.

What’s the “Fundamentals module” about?
The Fundamentals module is coming right after the Programming basics course, but only for those, who successfully take the entrance exam after the Programming basics course. The main goal of the Fundamentals module is to expand even more your knowledge on basic programming concepts like arrays, lists, associative arrays, methods and basic object-oriented programming concepts. You’ll have to combine these new skills with the knowledge, acquired during the “Programming Basics” course. This is the absolute fundamentals for every self-respecting programmer.

For your ease, you can continue in the Fundamentals module by choosing a programming language, suitable for you. You can choose between C#, Java, Python or JavaScript. In the Fundamentals module, two exams are expecting you. The first one is called “Mid exam” and it happens in the middle of the program. The second one is the final exam. After successfully taking those exams you can continue further to the Professional modules.

Professional modules – which path to choose?

After you finish the Fundamentals module you can take in one of the four pathways: C# Web Developer, Java Developer, Python Developer and JavaScript Developer. Each one of these pathways comes with set of modules, as the main goal is to offer you complete set of skills in order to start your career as junior web developer.

Yet, each one of these pathways have different length and different amount of credits. C# Web Developer and Java Web Developer pathways will take you approximately an year and a half, and the Python Web Developer and JavaScript Developer are a bit shorter – you can finish them in approximately an year and two months.

You can see more information about the curriculum here.

JavaScript Developer
The “JavaScript Web Developer” pathway includes the acquiring of:

– Fundamental software skills: excellent programming abilities, source control systems, basic knowledge on data structures, paradigms like “functional programming” and “object-oriented programming”, learning how to write quality code, databases, web standards, automation testing with unit testing and mocking, test-driven development (TDD).

– Learning to work with practical technologies for front-end web development, which match well with JavaScript: HTML5, CSS3, jQuerry; AJAX and REST based services with JSON and HTTP and developing Single-Page applications with JS frameworks as “Angular” and “React”.

– Skills to work with technologies for JS server development (back-end): MEAN stack, MERN stack, programming with Node.js; using popular npm packs; working with web framework “Express.js” and other JS server-side frameworks and libraries.

Why to learn JavaScript?

JavaScript is exceptionally expressive programming language – it allows you to create agile applications for variety of platforms, covering both the front-end and back-end part of the application. With our JavaScript courses, learning JS turns in one of the most exciting things, which you’ll experience!

– Millions of developers around the globe are using JavaScript. More than the half of the projects in GitHub are using JavaScript.

– JavaScript is mandatory language for the modern software engineers, because it is basic in building user interface (UI). Even if you are developing your server logic in another programming language, you’ll need JavaScript because of the front-end part.

– JavaScript is irreplaceable part in each modern website and is used in combination with variety of other server technologies and programming solutions.

– JavaScript is suitable as for front-end, and so for building the back-end logic.

– Because of the rapid evolution of the JavaScript technology, as all of the technologies and frameworks surrounding it, the need for JavaScript developers increases, which guarantees you job as JS developer.

C# Developer

One of the most needed skills in the IT industry is the one of the C# Developer. In the curriculum of SoftUni, all the students will acquire deep knowledge and skills in the C# direction. The “C# / .NET developer” training will give you practical skills, required for .NET development. Those skills are required in all companies all around the IT industry. If you choose this pathway, you’ll acquire the following skills:

– Coding with the programming language C#, working with Visual Studio, using collections, implementation of object-oriented programming, classes and objects, work with Git and GitHub;

– Knowledge about basic data structures and algorithms; problem solving skills with C# and Visual Studio;

– Developing web applications with ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework and SQL Server;

– Developing Database applications with Entity Framework, T-SQL and SQL Server;

– Developing back-end applications with ASP.NET WebAPI, Entity Framework and SQL Server;

– Developing of front-end applications with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX and REST;

Why to learn C#?

– The C# programming language is one of the languages, most suitable for beginners. It is suitable for programming with different paradigms – you can implement procedural, OOP or functional programming, using clear and simple syntax. With the high amount of video tutorials and exercises, available in SoftUni, you’ll be able to learn and practis, thus developing your own skills.

– C# and .NET are extremely popular: they are developed and supported by Microsoft and are being used by more than 2 million programmers all around the world. C# is suitable for development of applications, which can run on various platforms simultaneously; with C# you can make both desktop and mobile applications, web applications, online services and other back-end functionality.

– The need for C#/.NET developers is among the highest at this moment, because the technical level and the accessibility of the platform. This guarantees you professional realization once you achieve the skills required.

JAVA Developer

If you want to be Java developer, you have to learn how to code with Java and the surrounding Java technologies, and to gain experience with them. This include:

– Developing programming skills with the Java language and the surrounding Java EE technologies;

– Skills for developing of web apps, both front-end and back-end developing;

– Mastering the fundamentals of both computer science and software engineering;

– Mastering of the Java technologies for software development, via working on practical projects with Java, Spring, Java EE, JavaScript and MySQL;

– Increasing your Java technologies practical experience by training your skills in Java programming, OOP, Spring MVC, Spring Data, HTML5 and JavaScript;

Why to learn Java?
– Java is one of the most widely used programming languages in the world. It’s suitable as for big corporate projects, so for small and personal projects; You can build desktop applications, but you can also build and mobile applications.

– Java is active more than two decades. This means it’s well polished and developed, have excellent support and the community formed around it is pretty huge – more than 9 million java developers (stats by Oracle, the company invented and supporting Java);

– Java is among the top 3 results in different indexes, which compare and measure the popularity of the different programming languages. According to the TIOBE index Java is the most popular programming language.

– Java is one of the most prefer platforms for enterprise development. Take this, having in mind the huge community and you get one of the biggest resource bases with different frameworks, libraries suitable for almost every enterprise-level need.

Python Developer

Python is considered the programming language, with the syntax most close to the regular English language. This makes the language especially preferable by beginners. Profession: Python Developer

By choosing the profession of Python Web Developer, you will be able to combine programming skills, basic data structures, and developing algorithmic thinking with knowledge from software engineering, as well as advanced Python and web technologies. The training for Python Web Developer profession at SoftUni has been developed by experienced trainers with the direct involvement of IT companies in the sector and has a practical focus.

If you choose this profession you will acquire the following skills:

– Learn to program with the Python language

– Knowledge of basic data structures and problem solving

– Develop back-end with Python and front-end with JavaScript and HTML5

– Work with Git and GitHub

– Create web applications with the Flask Framework and SQLAlchemy ORM

Why to learn Python?

– Python is designed to be easy to understand and fun to use, reading like English, which takes a lot of syntax-learning stress off coding beginners. Python is easy to learn through the rich set of video tutorials and exercises at SoftUni.

– Python is really flexible, meaning there are no hard rules on how to build features, and you’ll have more flexibility solving problems using different methods.

– With the rise of big data, Python developers are in demand as data scientists, especially since Python can be easily integrated into web applications to carry out tasks that require machine learning.

Which path to take? It is up to you now!

Every single one of these career pathways will offer you great opportunities in becoming a junior web developer. It is really up to you and your preferences which technology/path to take.

Learn to code and become software engineer today, with SoftUni!

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