How to Become a Software Engineer? The 4 Groups of Developer Skills

Every software engineer holds 4 major group of skills:

  • Coding skills: 20%
  • Algorithmic thinking and problem solving: 30%
  • Software engineering and computer science: 25%
  • Languages, technologies, frameworks: 25%

The first 3 groups of skills are fundamental and change slowly over the time. The last group is changed frequently and is bound to certain programming languages, APIs or frameworks.

Video: How to Become a Software Engineer?

Watch the video below, where Dr. Svetlin Nakov explains the skills of the software engineers and how to develop them, how many time it takes, etc.

If you are wanna be developer, focus on the fundamental skills and don’t start with the technologies (the last category). First learn to code, then develop algorithmic thinking, then start learning technologies and frameworks and mix them with computer science fundamentals.

It takes 1-3 years of learning, depending of the effort you invest, to become a junior developer.