“The courses in SoftUni target practical education and there is always something new to learn!”

In our rubric we share with you inspiring interviews with our most successful students to learn more about them – how they have found out that programming is in their blood, what motivates them to grow, which were their biggest obstacles and other interesting questions. “I encourage future students to always improve themselves. When a person is persistent and has the will to learn, things always work out.” When did Magdalena first encounter programming? What is her favorite programming language? Don’t miss out on the next couple of paragraphs.

Hello, Magdalena! Can you introduce yourself with a few words for the reader of our blog?

Hello. My name is Magdalena. I have been working for 7 years in a software company. I have graduated from Sofia University (Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics) specializing in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence.

What attracted you towards programming and do you have a favorite programming language?

My first encounter with programming was in the 9th grade during the Informatics classes, where we programmed with Pascal. I can’t say I have a favorite programming language. After all, the language is just a tool.

Which course from the program was the most useful for you and why?

I think that every course in its way has been useful for me. Even if a person knows something, when he hears it again, he rethinks it.

Why did you choose Software University and what was the atmosphere during your education?

The education here is very practical and there is always something new to learn.

What was the form of your education and why did you prefer it?

I took the classes online, because I didn’t have the opportunity to be onsite.

What was the biggest difficulty for you during the program?

To submit my homework on time.

Men or women are better programmers?

Both 😊

What other skills (besides programming) did you manage to gain from your education in Software University?

One would be soft skills.

Did the diploma from Software University help you succeed in the following professional realization?

It still hasn’t helped me, but I consider it a bonus when looking for a new job.

How do you see yourself in 5 years in a professional plan?

I see myself with 5 more years of experience 😊 I hope to earn a higher place in the sector.

And finally – what will you advise all our future students, which are about to begin their education in the Software University?

I advise them to always improve on themselves. When a person is persistent and he has the will to learn new things, it always works out in the end.

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