4 reasons why JavaScript is a perfect programming language for beginners

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages and is suitable even for beginners. Before diving into the “why”, it is important to mention that JavaScript is not Java and the key difference is that Java is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language while JavaScript is an OOP scripting language. Both of them do share some principles but they also have qualities and capabilities that make them differ significantly from one another. Now that this important detail is out of the way, we can start answering the question:

Why JavaScript is a perfect programming language for beginners

One of the most important things for every programmer is the technology he has chosen to work with to be able to give him the opportunity to quickly create prototypes and to have a freedom in the process of their construction. This usually means less writing of technical instructions and more time for building the programming logic. No surprise here but JavaScript meets all these qualities.

Many libraries & many programming paradigms

JavaScript is a 20-year-old language that has an unlimited number of libraries that are suitable for a variety of needs and can solve the most trivial and at the same time the most complex issues.  Also, these resources are available through one of the most efficient platforms. The best thing is – the language has a huge community and a viral presence, which means it is up-to-date and people still use it actively every single day.

JavaScript supports multiple different programming paradigms, which gives the developer the freedom to choose how he wants to work with the language and which paradigms to use.

No constraints

JavaScript is perfect for beginners because it prevents them from facing constraints, such as complex data types, having to install and support heavy development environments, etc. All you need is a browser and a simple text editor – things that every computer nowadays has by default.

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