How to code: The 5 most important skills you need to have

The process of learning programming languages may or may not seem unachievable to some of us, at least in the beginning. Moments of confusion and lack of motivation are quite normal when you’re entering a new world, out of your comfort zone. For some reason, many of us think that learning how to code as a very complicated process that requires not only dedication but also a special set of skills. Is this true? Maybe. Here are the 5 main skills that you need to have in order to learn how to code:


Did we mention dedication already? Yes, we did, for a reason. If you think you need to be dedicated in order to become a good programmer – you are correct. The learning path is different for everyone but there’s no way you can achieve your goals without dedication. Being dedicated means that you have the desire to put a lot of work into it and you are ready to start now.


Every good programmer is also a great problem-solver. Why? Problem-solving is the default for this job and you have to love doing it. Fortunately, problem-solving is a skill that can be acquired with proper programming courses and a lot of the first skill that we mentioned – dedication.

Attention to details

When your job revolves around solving issues, it always goes hand in hand with the ability to pay attention to details. There are steps that can help you improve this quality significantly, if you believe you are not that good at it. Some of them include making check-lists or just lists in general. Scheduling your day-to-day activities can improve your detail-oriented abilities a lot. Make notes, put dates and deadlines on them. Take some time to brief on ideas and write them down.

Sharp memory

In order to be detail-oriented and be able to solve problems efficiently, you most certainly need to have a sharp memory. In the process of learning how to code you will probably face many situations in which a certain experience gives you a skill that turns out to be useful in many other situations in the future. That’s why your memory needs to be sharp, resourceful and reliable.


Patience is probably one of the skills that no amount of programming courses can teach you if you are not patient by nature. The only thing that really does help is experience. Once you face numerous coding issues that need to be solved urgently – you will either become really patient or lose it altogether. However, the success rate is very optimistic in this area, which proves that being patient is a skill that can absolutely be acquired with time and once you have a lot of it – your job becomes your passion.

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