“I chose SoftUni because I loved the way the program was structured”

In our “Code to success” rubric we share with you inspiring interviews with our most successful students, with the aim to motivate you to follow your bold dreams and never give up on your goals!
“I chose SoftUni because I loved the way the program was structured” – says Anton. Learn what attracted him to programming and more interesting facts about his personality and professional background in the next few paragraphs!

Hi, Tony! Could you please introduce yourself for us?

My name is Anton Petrov and I am 31 years old. I love hiking, good music and movies!

What attracted you to start programming and what’s your favorite programming language?

What attracted me to programming is the possibilities it provides in terms of working on your own projects and realize your own ideas, the dynamics of the work process and the people that work in the IT industry. My favorite language is JacaScript because it reflects literally everything that I love in programming.

Which course from the program was the most useful for you and why?

JS Core and JS Fundamentals – once you start learning the fundamentals you realize that they are the base of everything.

Why did you choose to start studying in the Software University and how did you feel during the education process here?

I chose the Software University because I loved the way the program was structured and the opportunity for getting a high quality online education it provides. I also loved the team there and the atmosphere – everyone was friendly and doing their best to inspire you to keep going. I enjoyed going to exams and meeting my colleagues, we discussed a lot of topic together and helped each other through the difficulties.

What other skills (besides programming) did you manage to gain from your education at the Software University?

The ability to communicate with many people in different languages and still achieve efficiency in the communication.

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

Owner of a company that offers simple but elegant solutions to major programming problems.

Finally – what is your advice to our future students and programmers?

If you’ve already taken the decision to start – to never give up, if you haven’t – to take the decision to start!

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